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I know of few people today that question the validity of ADD or ADHD. However, I've come to wonder about them. Where were they for the past several thousand years? And if they exist as a medical condition, why can't they be objectively diagnosed with blood test, urine test, x-rays or other legitimate medical testing procedures? It appears their diagnosis is no more than some person’s opinion.

And another thing that bothers me, it appears that most of the criteria used to determine this “condition” is nothing but list of improper behavior. And very often this behavior is identified in Scripture as sin.

In fact, it would seem that our culture is on a determined path to eliminate any  concept of sin whatsoever, replacing it with “sickness” instead. And it just so happens that this substitution of sickness for sin suits our fallen nature very well. We simply do not want to take responsibility for our sins. Given the choice of blaming ourselves or some ephemeral “sickness,” we will embrace sickness every time. The only problem with this is that we deny ourselves the power of God’s word in addressing these problems of life.

And that leaves us without hope.


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