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Christian counseling is the great need of the Christian community. However, many non-Christian practices are found deeply entrenched in the Church masquerading as the real thing. As a result, marriages are failing and lives are destroyed. Even worse, after they fail Believers are convinced that the Bible had nothing of value for them. In fact, they were never confronted with the heart of God found in his Word but simply with the ideas of men sprinkled with Bible verses.

In our day, Biblical counseling is primarily worldly psychological philosophies clothed in the respectable garments of Christianity. Counselors go to secular schools, major in secular studies, obtain secular degrees and then assure us they do Biblical counseling. How would they know that? They’ve never seen it.

And here is another tragedy; pastors don’t know the difference and many don’t seem to care. The general attitude seems to be “don’t bother me.”

Biblical counseling is greatly needed but not recognized in God's own Church.

If you are looking for Christian counseling, I would like to suggest this site: Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

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