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Hi, Im Ralph Bass, infant baptism interest me. So I wrote a book on it called "What About Baptism? A Discussion on the Mode, Candidate and Purpose of Christian Baptism".

This is My Story

I came to know Jesus Christ as my savior at 14 years of age through the ministry of a Baptist church. In time I became a Baptist minister. For 33 years I continued loyal to the teachings of my Baptist heritage. However, in time I began to doubt some of the doctrines that I had subscribed to all my life. Baptism was one of the topics I decided to look at very carefully. I must admit, of all the doctrines I questioned, infant baptism was the hardest to confront. I simply knew dipping was the proper mode of baptism and there was no use trying to kid myself that it was otherwise. So, I began my research into this topic somewhat sure that I would simply confirm what I had always believed.

Deeply and Carefully

As I said, the time came when I decided that I simply must look deeply and carefully at infant baptism-just to be sure. So, I did careful and thorourgh research and kept careful notes. This book is the result of that study. Now if you are like I was for so many years, you wont see the purpose of giving any consideration to what this book of mine might say. But just in case that attitude wont do for you at all, then this book is for your review. Of course, the three big questions on this topic are: 1) What was and is the proper mode of Christian baptism? 2) Who are proper candidates for Christian baptism? and 3) What is the purpose of Christian baptism? I cover each topic carefully.
A New Edition

I first published this book in 1999; it was only 80 pages. However, I continued my research and as a result I now have a second edition, which greatly increases its value.

What Are Your Thoughts?

You will notice below that I have posted several articles from the various chapters of this book. Please feel free to engage me on these articles. I am interested in your insight and opinion-especially if yours in different than mine.

Infant Baptism

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