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Hi, I’m Ralph Bass, for years I did Christian marriage counseling. I am also the author of Hope For Todays Problems -The How-To Book of Christian Living.

Working as a counselor

For several years I worked in several counseling centers doing Christian marriage counseling. During these years I came to realize that I was repetitively addressing certain “solutions” with client after client. With that realization, I decided to put my thoughts in print in the form of “handouts” for my clients. With the handouts they would not as readily forget the instructions and counsel I was providing. In addition, I would be able to give them homework from these handouts. This worked very well. In time these handouts grew in number. At that point I decided to rework them into a book.

Christian Marriage Counseling

Why a book?

I had been studying Biblical Counseling for years. There are several very good books on the subject. But after awhile I began to notice something: all these books had one thing in common. They all gave instruction on what the counselee should do or on what the counselor should do. What was missing was the “how to.” I began to realize how this reminded me of certain classes of preaching. Some preaching told me what to do; other preaching told me how to do it. It was this last type of preaching that did the most for me.

It’s all about the “How To”

This is true in Christian marriage counseling as well. The kind of counseling that carefully explains the “how to” and then provides homework on these very practical points is the most effective. I do believe this book will fill a great need in the lives of many Christians frustrated by years of hammering away with “what to do” teaching, preaching and counseling. The “how-to” makes all the difference. It provides a practical track to run on every day.

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