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Mental Illness
Quick Facts about Psychiatry

While posing as “authorities” on the mind and mental health, psychiatry has no scientific basis for any of its treatments or methods. Presented herein is specific evidence debunking several of the main claims and methods of this pseudo-science.

Real Disease vs Mental Disorder

Psychiatric Disorders Voted Into Existence

Psychiatry Admits It Has No Cures

No Brain Scans for Mental Illness

Psychiatric Drugs -- Side Effects

No Genetic Proof of Mental Illnesses

Videos - The Marketing of Madness

Psychiatrists tell us that the way to fix unwanted behavior is by altering brain chemistry with a pill.

But unlike a mainstream medical drug like insulin, psychotropic medications have no measurable target illness to correct, and can upset the very delicate balance of chemical processes the body needs to run smoothly.

Nevertheless, psychiatrists and drug companies have used these drugs to create a huge and lucrative market niche.

And they’ve done this by naming more and more unwanted behaviors as “medical disorders” requiring psychiatric medication.

But should these really be called diseases?

So the question is:

How did psychotropic drugs, with no target illness, no known curative powers and a long and extensive list of side effects, become the go-to treatment for every kind of psychological distress?

And how did the psychiatrists espousing these drugs come to dominate the field of mental treatment?


Psychotropic Drugs

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Marketing to the Masses

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Videos - Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

Governments, insurance companies and private individuals pay billions of dollars each year to psychiatrists in pursuit of cures that psychiatrists admit do not exist. Psychiatry's “therapies” have caused millions of deaths.


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