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Hi, Iím Ralph Bass, the author of a book on Presbyterian doctrine called Tell Me About Presbyterians-Just What Do They Believe?

But, why did I write this book?

Well you see, I was raised a Baptist. I became a Presbyterian rather late in life. As a result, I did not have a cohesive understanding of all the new elements I found in Presbyterianism. Actually, I found that most church members, including deacons and elders were rather confused on Presbyterian doctrine as well. I had people ask me ďJust what do Presbyterians believe?Ē Now thatís a fair question and, I think, demands a substantive answer. So I went to work. This book is the product of that work.

Presbyterian Doctrine

So Whatís the Difference?

I found that all true Christians subscribe to a common body of doctrine, for instance, the verbal inspiration of the Bible, the virgin birth of Jesus, the bodily resurrection of Christ from the tomb-and many others. What I was interested in was this: where did historic Presbyterianism differ on other doctrines? I found that Presbyterians differed in three major areas with many other denominations:

1) church government,
2) something called Reformed Theology and its
    concomitant doctrine Covenant Theology and
3) baptism.

Although there were other differences, these were the major ones. In this book you will find a careful analysis of each of these topics.

You will notice that I have posted several articles on the various chapters of this book.

Let's Look Inside
the Book

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