Hi, My Name Is Ralph Bass...This Is My Library

I've been a Christian for over 50 years now.  During those years my understanding of the Bible has deepened and matured.  As a result of this journey, I've changed my opinion on what I understood the Bible to teach on various subjects. In the process of reevaluating my theology, I've written 6 books.  Those books are discussed on these pages.  I call these books "My Library."

One of the books in my library is a commentary on The Book of Revelation. For 2000 years now, every hiccup in Western civilization has been met with end-of-the-world pronouncements.  As recently as Y2K this was foremost on the minds of many.  Again In 2012 there were new predictions, which was was particularly sad because these new pronouncements were based on pagan Mayan calendar records.  Adding the pseudo-Christian New Age Movement to the mix has significantly increased the concern of many.

I would like to suggest a new way to look at the Book of Revelation, one that does not interpret it in terms of the most recent newspaper headline, but instead an interpretation that roots the book in the culture and history of its original audience.  I hope you will take time to read this commentary and watch the many videos posted here.  You will be amazed at what you read.  I hope it takes some of the end-of-the-world fear from your life; it should. 

Now I'm not saying there aren't scary times upon us, for that actually seems to be the case.  I'm very concerned about the future and believe it's important to make some provision for an unstable world.

There may be "apocalyptic-like" events in our future.  However: 1) These things are not the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation and 2) they are fully under the direction of a sovereign God who superintends the details of our life.  If there are persecutions, judgments, famines  and wars ahead, we should not face them foolishly thinking "these things can't happen to us, we're Christians."  I would remind you that Christians all over this globe are suffering for Christ and no rapture has delivered them from it.

Don't misunderstand my comment about the rapture, I certainly believe there is one in our future.  But I do not believe we will be snatched away simply because we are 1) Christian and 2) Americans.  This seems to be the theology of many.  It is foolish and is so because it is not Scriptural. 

But in addition to the material on the Book of Revelation, there are others topics here that might interest and challenge you. Indeed, I trust they will enlighten your mind and soul.

Some Things I've Learned
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